How to Shoot Cum Far Like a Pro

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Sep 212016

sexy-ejaculation-1344589_640Making cum jet out of your penis and increasing semen volume are two different things that should be treated so. Many men find it thrilling to watch their huge load of cum shoot out farther like in the porn movies. There is some extent of pleasure associated to it. A good percentage of women also love to see their men shooting cum out of their penis like they are trying to win gold in the Olympics or something. Whether you are masturbating or just trying to throw the perfect cumshot on your girl’s face, there is a solution for you. The most preferable method is Kegel Exercise for men. With a number of proven tips and effective exercises, your dick can manage to amaze you once more.

Locate Your PC Muscle

Not many men know what pubococcygeal (PC) muscle is. Next time you are taking a piss, stop your urine mid-flow. When you do this, you flex your PC muscle. You might lose control of the muscle in the beginning of you Kegel exercise, but with further practice you will be able to get the hang of it.

PC Flutter

This is the first exercise, and it’s the easiest. Just like the name suggests, this Kegel exercise requires you to rapidly contract and relax the PC muscles of your penis. This exercise is geared towards teaching you how to successfully control your PC muscle. It will teach you how to endure and control this muscle so that you can create the cum shot just as powerfully as you’d want it to be. For a beginner, the flexing/relaxing process might not last more than 5-10 seconds before you lose control, but with continued practice you can be lucky to attain a whole 1 minute of excellent control. It takes maximum concentration to achieve this. When you can reach 1 minute, you can now do a one-minute routine, 3-4 times a day. The good thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere, including at work, or while traveling.

Flex and Hold

This second exercise takes more willpower than the previous one. It involves flexing and holding your pubococcygeal (PC) muscle to make it stronger. Stronger PC muscle means farther semen ejaculation, which also means better orgasm. Try to keep the muscle full-forced flexed for ten seconds. It isn’t easy. Once you lose control of the muscle, wait for one minute then repeat the process. For good results, you should repeat this for at least 3-4 times each day. If you can ever flex and hold your PC muscle for 1 minute, you will have the strongest PC muscle, which can shoot cum like a bullet, though not as lethal.

Flex, Hold, Release

This is the third exercise that involves a combination of the previous two exercises. This one is easy but very effective. It involves flexing and holding your PC muscles for 2-5 seconds and subsequently releasing it for another 2-3 seconds. You do this rhythmically for five minutes, once a day. It will make your pubococcygeal stronger besides teaching you how to have great control over it.

These are the best three Kegel Exercises for men to help make you cum farther. With patient practice over time, the result will blow your mind. When you learn to be control of your PC muscle, you become a master to it and you can make it shoot that cum just the way you want it to.