How To Get Your Girl Randy

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Sep 272016

horny-girl-1206811_640Is it all your swag? That game you spit? Or the way you smell? There are many theories out there on what turns girls on. Ranging from the debatable to the laughingly stupid. There are plenty of things you can do, and not do, to turn your girl on. Just don’t listen to the internet full of grubs. I’ve compiled this list of four things to do and not do to help you get your girl randy.

1. DON’T show her your naked body when flaccid.
– Besides the fact that the flaccid penis looks like someone punched Gonzo and broke his nose, no one wants to see your floppy dong. You could have a go at it and see what happens, but don’t count on your girl to be mesmerized by sad snake. Studies have shown that women are less turned on by a muscular, naked, flappy-donged man than they are by two bonobos humping each others’ brains out.

2. DO brush your teeth.
– This might have to go without saying. A man with halitosis is a man who probably isn’t doing so well with women if he doesn’t ameliorate the stank rising from his teeth. That being said, there are plenty of us who have otherwise normal smelling breath most of the day, but forget about them in crucial moments. Wake up early and feeling the oh-so-familiar stiffness downstairs? Don’t try going in for some action with your girl until you’ve excused yourself and gotten the night’s stink out of your mouth. Likewise, if you’ve just had lunch, dinner, beer, or any number of things that can put your breath off, freshen up before you try making any moves.

3. DO smell good, DON’T use cologne.
– Sure, there may be that occasional girl who says a guy smells good when he is wearing cologne, but unless she has some sort of psychological attachment to that smell, she’s not smelling that guy and getting randy. Just don’t believe those body wash commercials. Not only are artificial scents not designed to turn women on, but instead to make you smell like something you’re not, but they mask your true, manly smell. Our bodies evolved the smells they have specifically for avoiding danger and attracting the opposite sex. Not just our delicious natural smells, but the pheromones within them can send your to horny-town quicker than you can take your pants off.

4. DO text her
– Face it, flirting face-to-face can be difficult. It takes courage, and the possibility of having to deal with rejection. Some people just can’t think quick enough to flirt, or can’t get out of their own head and into the game. Shame. Luckily, texting gives you ample time to think of lines, reply with innuendo, and get the her thinking in dirty ways you might not have been able to do face-to-face. That being said, texting is no way to close. It is simply a crafty means to the ultimate end of you falling asleep from a world-shaking orgasm on her belly.

Follow this simple guide and you may find yourself gasping for air as women clobber you with their titties in excitement.

Be The Best In Bed: Great Insights on Mind Of A Man

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Jun 272015

It feels good be good at something. Feels good for a rugby player to get a try, good at poker, good at school, or good at rapping. It has an excellent feeling. There is only one exception for this school of thought; it is not just enough to be good at bed. All gentlemen want to be great, no lukewarm stand. Being great in bed plays a significant role in boosting man’s masculinity, confidence and self-esteem.

Many are struggling with an elephant in the room when bed matters arise, usually spoken in a low tone. There are many bits of advice given to men that sometimes don’t work at all, others are ambiguous leaving a hurt lion not sure where to start or where to end. Many men are struggling with erection complications, in particular for the first time during sex for many men. Small dicks, low sperm count and premature ejaculation. Research done indicated only about less than 10% of the male concerns are a medical complication, the rest the hurdle is in their mind. Gentlemen are struggling from broken relationships due to their dismal performance, intimidation and left asking how to be better in bed.

Being great in bed is a combined role, but it wholly rests on the gentleman. The following guide provides greats insights to men who want to up their game, without necessarily turning to crazy porn star stuff, getting a few of the insights get in the right track on how to be better in bed.

It’s not just about sex

Any man, who jumps to sex within seconds, is guilty as charged. There is more than sex, know what a woman want, know her body and mind about the environment. A woman’s body and a man’s body, when it comes to sex stimulation are entirely different. While the penis will be stimulated within seconds, the woman vagina will take long. Research indicates that 80% are never satisfied with sex, they don’t reach organism with penetration alone. To set thing from the start, prepare the woman’s body, create an environment free of tension.

Tease the woman and caress the lady to set the stage, identify the sensitive body parts of a woman. Play magic with the following parts, the neck, behind the ears, breast nipples, the waistline, and the inner thighs and behind the ankles. Gently caress the woman, taking the time to ensure you ensure you are doing it right and enough.

Gentle kisses and body caress will prepare the woman’s body, the vagina will lubricate which is very critical to avoid pain during sex.

Try different positions

You will never go wrong with different sex styles, add new and fun positions to your repertoire. Interestingly there are endless sex positions that you can never exhaust the list. It is not a must to agree with anyone else, do your stuff, and customize this to your advantage. Do shy off from researching and read about the rodeo and the pelidever. Sex positions determine penetration during sex; customize your style to try hitting the g spot.

You will never go wrong with oral sex

If you want to be better in bed, you have to give your woman a good oral sex. Provided you don’t compromise on her body hygiene, learn how to use your tongue to turn her on. You may even be surprised it may almost all she needs. The only secret is to understand the vagina. Compared to the penis, which has two parts, which can be named, the vagina has almost 10. Learn the do’s and don’ts, not to cause pain. Don’t shy off from cunnilingus, you will leave her begging more. Deep is not the secret, few inches are enough, use the tongue to caress the vagina and play with it.

You may have watched stuff where the man shoots cum like from a bullet, is part of the pleasure. Learn how to improve your sperm production by eating well, taking like two days break before having sex and exercising well, you have to know how to cum a lot more semen that can be enhanced by taking more fluid but not alcohol and keeping your manhood safe. Dress appropriately for the testicles to produce more cum. You can as well make your dick grow, whether natural home remedies or shopping for the creams and pills sold online.

Prepare your mind and be confident. Some men have all the prerequisite goods but still never perform. Avoid stress, relax and know how to play to with your mind when pressure builds.

Tips to Make Her Sexually Addicted to You

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Jun 262015

Many girls are known to be hard to get naughty with. Not that they are hard per se, but its because many guys out there are so wreck in bed that women find sex to boring. Who wants a boring life? However, you can spice things up. If you give her intense orgasm, you will prove to her that you are not like the rest of pack out there. She will call you in ungodly hours, make tons of flimsy excuses just to get a fix. Girls know that men good in bed are hard to come by. She will therefore hold unto you like a rarity or a precious jewel.

The secret making her stick by you is giving it to her more than any man has ever done. This will convince and confuse her psychology to affirm that you are the best man out there. The excuses she makes to avoid getting to bed will stop and will be so much into you that she finds difficult to live without you sex. If you think that your money will make her stick and make her do things for you, then, you are in for a rude shock. Research shows that, at least 55% of women cheat their partners for better sex. To avoid losing her to another man, up your game. Give her a mind blowing orgasm.

Upping your bed game is imperative to a happy relationship. If you know how to please her in bed, then she will do everything within her power to ensure that she keeps you happy both in and out of bedroom. The things that you found hard for her to do to you, will come to you as freebies. What is more, she will anticipate for enjoyable sex, and will be more enthusiastic. She will offer more of herself to you, making the whole session enjoyable to both of you.

That being said, being a king in bed is an essential skill that every man should strive to have. The skills are not inborn. They are acquired not in a formal school setting, but rather in the school of life and experience. Everyone, including you, can be good in bed. It is easier than you think. You only need to learn and practice some tips, and avoid some mistakes, then Bam! it will be quick than you realize. Below, i have outlined the tips that will make you a guy that every woman is desperate for- a bed guru.

1. Fill her with anticipation
The first thing is to begin with her imagination even before getting close to her. If you are away from her, don’t down play the power of a text message. Ensure that she is really into you and then tell her how attractive she is and you can’t wait to take those clothes off and kiss every curve on her body. Tell her that you can’t wait to suck the nipples. Talk dirty. Help her know how you desire to give her pleasure. You know the thing that turns her on. Tell it to her. It not only fills her with anticipation, but also makes her comfortable which will help on making her cum and orgasm every time.

2. Kiss, caress, lick and suck
The rules of nature dictates that women climax slower than men. Therefore making them the less unsatisfied pack. However, you can bridge the gap by giving her a good foreplay. The result is that it makes both of you reach an orgasm almost at the same time. Can you imagine both of you reaching a climax at the same time? Can be quite explosive. Right? The secret is doing a fore play in the right way. Kiss, caress, suck and lick her sensitive spots.

Areas such as the nipples, the inner thighs, the butt and the neck are all sensitive. Though these areas are common spots for almost every woman, each woman has a weak sex spot. You can learn her most sensitive spot by observing how she responds to touch. Once you discover it, stimulate it like an expert. Be patient. Caress and stroke it gently and lovingly until she runs out of breath and begs you to get into her.

3. Fingering
In women anatomy, the clitoris and the G- spot are the most sensitive areas. You can stimulate them by caressing them. However, not all women like fingering. Observe how to she responds to it or if it doesn’t appear awkward, ask her whether she likes it. While deep fingering is not always ideal in the initial stages, a shallow one can spice things up. You may use a finger vibrator to help stimulate the clitoris. If you are okay with it, you can alternate with licking once you learn the best ways on fingering her pussy.

4. Play it wild
Research shows that most women wish they are raped. It may seem awkward but that is the dark secret. The possible explanation could be that the love being overpowered. Next time you are having sex with her, be in charge. Pin her wrists down to the pillow, press her into a corner as you get into her. Grab and spank her butt as you give her a fast stroke. You can also use the blindfolds and the handcuffs, stimulate her and pound her flesh. As you do this, remember to kiss her.

5. Change routines
Routines make sex boring and predictable. The times when missionary was the only style are long gone and buried. Many women love doggy style. Give it to her. Instead of always being on top, give her a chance to be on top. Let her own you. Many would love to, but shy off telling it. The G-spot when properly stroked, will give her intense orgasm. To do it, make her lie down face up, then lift her legs and bring them close to her face (as if you are folding her into two), take them apart and pound deep into her.

6. Make the setting ideal
The environment/setting makes sex enjoyable and memorable. Put on cool music in the background and lit the room dimly preferably with candles to make the scene romantic. Though it can be a bit expensive, change the bed sheets. Scent is powerful in leaving a trail of memories. Find out whether your partner loves your natural manly scent or cologne. If cologne, find out which type she likes best. Things might get sweaty. Cologne helps to cover the sweaty stench.

7. Personal hygiene
Some men are good in bed but their partners are always dis interested. These men engage in endless tantrums on how to be better in bed. The secret lies with their hygiene. Bad hygiene such as a bad mouth odor is a turn off. Before going down on her and eating her pussy out, ensure that you have thoroughly brushed your teeth and your breath is fresh. Additionally, ensure that your pubic hair is well shaved. She might want to give you a head. You never know. Don’t take chances.

8. Multitask
As you pound her, learn to multitask. Getting down deep into her helps to stimulate the vaginal walls and G-spots. However, if you multitask, you make her orgasm both quickly and intensely. How to be better in bed through multitasking? Simply, as you pound the vagina, be rubbing the clitoris and licking the nipples. When you do this, you will be stimulating multiple spots and the same time. This can be hard at times but if you do it rightly, an orgasm and a squirt will be imminent.

9. Talk to her after sex
Women too want to be good in bed. As you read on how to better in bed, chances are that your partner also wants to better in bed too. After sex, many questions go through most women’s mind. Did he enjoy it? Was i good enough? Will he still love me after it? They will not ask you directly, but will observe your behavior. Here is where most men go wrong. Some go sleeping while others dress up and leave.

After sex, whisper to her how really good she was, how you enjoyed it and that you will never leave her. Bodily contact after sex is essential. Cuddle her and let her feel the warmth of your chest. Nothing makes her feel secure and loved as this. Additionally, you engage is some activities together such as taking a warm bath together, watching a movie, cooking and massaging. Once you do it, she feels comfortable and ready for next session.

As outlined above, getting better in bed in a simple skill that many lack. If you follow the steps outlined, you not only get better and stay on top of the pack, but you also lead a fulfilling and happy relationship. Instead of you demanding for sex, she will be the one doing it. She will not only demand it from you, but she will be pleading for it. However, getting there is a process that requires the outlined bed techniques, paying attention to what arouses her and practicing proper hygiene.