Be The Best In Bed: Great Insights on Mind Of A Man

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Jun 272015

It feels good be good at something. Feels good for a rugby player to get a try, good at poker, good at school, or good at rapping. It has an excellent feeling. There is only one exception for this school of thought; it is not just enough to be good at bed. All gentlemen want to be great, no lukewarm stand. Being great in bed plays a significant role in boosting man’s masculinity, confidence and self-esteem.

Many are struggling with an elephant in the room when bed matters arise, usually spoken in a low tone. There are many bits of advice given to men that sometimes don’t work at all, others are ambiguous leaving a hurt lion not sure where to start or where to end. Many men are struggling with erection complications, in particular for the first time during sex for many men. Small dicks, low sperm count and premature ejaculation. Research done indicated only about less than 10% of the male concerns are a medical complication, the rest the hurdle is in their mind. Gentlemen are struggling from broken relationships due to their dismal performance, intimidation and left asking how to be better in bed.

Being great in bed is a combined role, but it wholly rests on the gentleman. The following guide provides greats insights to men who want to up their game, without necessarily turning to crazy porn star stuff, getting a few of the insights get in the right track on how to be better in bed.

It’s not just about sex

Any man, who jumps to sex within seconds, is guilty as charged. There is more than sex, know what a woman want, know her body and mind about the environment. A woman’s body and a man’s body, when it comes to sex stimulation are entirely different. While the penis will be stimulated within seconds, the woman vagina will take long. Research indicates that 80% are never satisfied with sex, they don’t reach organism with penetration alone. To set thing from the start, prepare the woman’s body, create an environment free of tension.

Tease the woman and caress the lady to set the stage, identify the sensitive body parts of a woman. Play magic with the following parts, the neck, behind the ears, breast nipples, the waistline, and the inner thighs and behind the ankles. Gently caress the woman, taking the time to ensure you ensure you are doing it right and enough.

Gentle kisses and body caress will prepare the woman’s body, the vagina will lubricate which is very critical to avoid pain during sex.

Try different positions

You will never go wrong with different sex styles, add new and fun positions to your repertoire. Interestingly there are endless sex positions that you can never exhaust the list. It is not a must to agree with anyone else, do your stuff, and customize this to your advantage. Do shy off from researching and read about the rodeo and the pelidever. Sex positions determine penetration during sex; customize your style to try hitting the g spot.

You will never go wrong with oral sex

If you want to be better in bed, you have to give your woman a good oral sex. Provided you don’t compromise on her body hygiene, learn how to use your tongue to turn her on. You may even be surprised it may almost all she needs. The only secret is to understand the vagina. Compared to the penis, which has two parts, which can be named, the vagina has almost 10. Learn the do’s and don’ts, not to cause pain. Don’t shy off from cunnilingus, you will leave her begging more. Deep is not the secret, few inches are enough, use the tongue to caress the vagina and play with it.

You may have watched stuff where the man shoots cum like from a bullet, is part of the pleasure. Learn how to improve your sperm production by eating well, taking like two days break before having sex and exercising well, you have to know how to cum a lot more semen that can be enhanced by taking more fluid but not alcohol and keeping your manhood safe. Dress appropriately for the testicles to produce more cum. You can as well make your dick grow, whether natural home remedies or shopping for the creams and pills sold online.

Prepare your mind and be confident. Some men have all the prerequisite goods but still never perform. Avoid stress, relax and know how to play to with your mind when pressure builds.