Same Sex Marriage in Minnesota

 Project 515  Comments Off on Same Sex Marriage in Minnesota
Jun 242015

Project 515 is a group which made its name when showing various ways the state law privileged married couples and in turn discriminated against homosexuals. It was a defense of the marriage act decision which saw gay marriage become legal in Minnesota.

In the year 2008, two gay rights group in Minnesota took a formal stance publically stating their position in the issue. They were opposing the use of lawsuits as a way of equality in marriage. OutFront Minnesota Project 515 and the family equality council issued a statement stating that litigation has always been the way forward in trying to achieve full marriage equality. They further went on to state they were considering going to court to challenge Minnesota’s ban on marriage of the same sex groups. They went ahead to point out that they felt going to court would not be the best approach in trying to solve the issue. They felt it posed a risk in trying to achieve equality in marriage. Minnesota was the second in legalizing same sex marriage after Iowa but the first to do so by allowing legislation rather than by court order.

In May 2013, Minnesota legislature passed a bill on the same sex marriage. Governor Mark Dayton signed it on 14th May 2013.This went ahead to legalizing same sex marriage in Minnesota on 1st August 2013.

This being a controversial topic and still fresh to the city, project 515 still saw the need for educating the people about the new law passed. They would be educated on what exactly it would mean by the legalization of gay marriage.

Project 515 would then go ahead and lend a hand in the implementation of the new law since the residence did not fully understand it. Others not knowing what the law had to say about this. There was still so much to be learned and different issues or questions would crop up when it came to this.

The gay community was also very eager to know what the law had to say about things like health insurance when it came to gay marriages and their rights as well. This being a controversial topic they were majorly interested to see whether the allowed for the same benefits accorded to other couples. They were fighting for equal rights which are accorded to other couples which were in different kinds of unions (marriage).

Since then, this has seen Minnesota state from a state that did not allow for same sex marriage to one that embraced it and passed it as law.